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2022 God is Greater Tee-Shirts

God is greater than my Highest High and  my Lowest Low.

Most Wrestlers (people in general) can relate to experiencing a great moment in life and thanking God for the moment… But the fact is he was with you throughout the entire process: the cutting weight, extra work-outs, losses, and self-doubt.

Wear this as a proud reminder that no matter how you are feeling, God will be there with you every step of the way!

- Will Betancourt

As Always Thank you for your support! We ARE!!!

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Wrestler of the Week: Travis Clawson Solanco Classic Champ!

Wrestler of the Week Bella Baccio Cumberland Valley Kick-off  Champ!
Congrats to Alysiana Ierley, who went 6-0 with 6 falls at the Quaker Duals!!!

 Alysiana is officially the first LAWW wrestler to earn the O.W. “GOAT Chain”
LAWW girls weighed in, wearing their new LAW Duals Singlets, and ready to knock off some rust at the Quaker Duals. 

Special shout out to MyHouse for the sweet gear.
Another NHSCA'S in the books... LAW Black with a top 8 National finish!!! Great work by both teams!
Congrats to Klint Miller (LAW Blue) & Aaron Seidel (LAW Black) for earning the OW GOAT Chain!!!
Thank you Hunter Wallace , Joe Joseph C. Wilson , Fred Gonzalez and Dylan Killian for helping to organize and Coach these awesome teams!

Congratulations to Aaron Seidel (3rd) and Ned Kauffman (5th) on placing at Super 32 . Great work gentleman!!! 

Keller Sherer Super 32 place winner . Awesome work Kiddo!!!